Kim is ‘THE’ dog breeder in my mind. I don’t care what breed she has, she is the expert! She always has been. I look up to her with great respect. She takes no short cuts in her breeding program, and works endlessly to provide all of us with quality, healthy, happy, amazing puppies! Her love for her animals is bigger then life.


Honestly meeting Kim pretty much changed my whole life! The joy and pride that she shows with each and everyone of her dogs and puppies is something that’s just so apparent when people meet her and her dogs. It’s a beautiful thing, and it inspired me


My husband and I got our sweet pup Daisy from Kim at Diamonds in the Ruff Corgis. To say Daisy is the light of our life is an understatement. Daisy is the sweetest, cuddliest, and best dog we have ever owned. Not only does she have the best disposition but she is extremely healthy and we have never had any health scares with her. Kim is amazing to work with and she truly cares about your experience and your future puppies. Animals are her passion and it shows in every way. I could not speak more highly of Kim and Diamonds in the Ruff Corgis, you will have an amazing experience front start to finish.

Aubrey and David
 Flagstaff, Az.

Kim is a very conscientious breeder and is very selective in her breedings. All the dogs are family members and are very social. The kennels have large indoor and outdoor runs which are air conditioned. Even the puppies are trained on how to use a doggie door. The place is immaculate and bug free. Kim is very loving to all her animals and is very caring as to the puppies new homes. I was very impressed as how sweet all the dogs were, the momma dogs have no problem of a stranger handling her pups. All of Kim's dogs are awesome and the ranch is tremendously clean. She is very helpful and generous with her time. I wanted to be adopted and live there myself. I love my little Emmy.

 Mesa, Az.

My husband and I bought two corgi puppies from Kim with Diamonds in the Ruff in 2016. We live in Scottsdale, AZ and drove to Morristown, AZ. to pick them up. We originally wanted a female, but there was a male that was just so darn cute as well that we ended up with both! Kim’s puppies are very well taken care of and loved--- you can easily tell. The dogs areas are very clean and watched over too, which we love! She is very responsive and quick to return any call or text, and she is very helpful! The dogs are gorgeous and in wonderful health. We have not had any problems with them. They will be 2 years old this month. We love them so much that we are actually picking up another little girl in 2 weeks! I would not think of going to another breeder for a Corgi. Diamonds in the Ruff Corgis is the BEST!

Jason and Gina
 Scottsdale AZ

In August of 2017 we lost our Corgi Shepherd mix of 16 years. She was our first experience with a corgi and such a great dog that we started to look for a purebred Corgi. First attempt was a Corgi Rescue. After emailing them and never receiving a response, we began our search elsewhere. We contacted Kim at Diamonds In The Ruff, and she sent us several pictures of her dogs and the puppies. Being concerned about puppy mills and breeding conditions, we drove 150 miles that day to see the puppies. We where very impressed with the conditions and cleanliness and the way she cared for her dogs. All the dogs where free roaming in a large well protected area and had access to an air conditioned kennel. They where all very friendly and just happy to see new people. We adopted a female puppy from her and named her Sugar. She is a great dog, very well socialized and not afraid of thunder or loud noises, loves people! We had no trouble with her on the long ride home and she slept all night in her kennel without crying. This shows that the care these puppies receive in the first weeks turns them in to great dogs and lifetime companions. If you are looking to put a Corgi in your life, you won’t go wrong with adopting a puppy from Kim.

Chuck and Bonnie
 Sahuarita, Az.

We bought a Corgi from Diamonds In The Ruff in August 2018 and are so happy we did! The experience was very pleasant, and when we arrived my daughter screamed with delight to see all the Corgi puppies. They were kenneled in an air conditioned facility with yard access. You could see they were loved and cared for well. Our puppy was well adjusted and she was able to socialize with our older dogs. We will definitely be repeat customers because of the excellent service, clean facility and well cared for pups.

Brooker Phoenix, Arizona

I have known Kim and her dogs for several years, and I have the utmost respect. Not only does she have a love for animals, but she has the knowledge and experience of a reputable breeder. Kim has her dogs best interest in mind when breeding, caring for, and placing her pups with new families. She provides a very clean, healthy environment for them and holds her standards high. I have purchased a female from her in the past, who was bred for health and personality of the breed which has surpassed my own expectations. She is always responsive to answer any questions or give any advice that helps me know and understand more and more about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. I highly recommend Kim as a person, as a breeder and her dogs as amazingly healthy and wonderful family pets.

 Powell Butte, OR

I've wanted a Corgi for longer than I can remember. That's why when I found Kim and Diamonds In The Ruff, I jumped at the first opportunity to look at the available litter. I instantly fell in love with a little tri-colored male Corgi and took him home as soon as I could. He has been the perfect puppy. He is very well-tempered and an all around amazing addition to our family. The entire adoption process was very easy and Kim was a pleasure to work with. I knew I was getting a puppy from a trustable breeder. Since then I have recommended Diamonds In the Ruff to many of my friends.


Kim is a class act, along with her Corgis that she breeds. Her facility is sparkling clean... her dogs and puppies are happy, healthy and very loved! She is very easy to work with and believes in her breeding program, which is without a doubt top notch. She’s been breeding dogs for a number of years and in my mind is one of best!

 Belgrade, Montana

We bought our little Corgi "Grace" from Kim Barnett November 27, 2015. Grace is BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, LOVING, SMART & FULL OF PERSONALITY! Kim is a first-class breeder with excellent facilities. The Corgis are in air-conditioned comfort with access to large and shady runs. We loved our Gracie so much that we decided to breed her with one of Kim's excellent studs. We had a beautiful litter of Corgis and had excellent support from Kim! Thank You Kim! Your experience with "Diamonds In The Ruff Corgis" will be professional and satisfying. You will come home with a beautiful, perfect, happy, healthy quality little Corgi.

Rich and Teris
 La Mesa, NM

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much I have always wanted a Corgi. I knew I’d get one someday and had his name picked out for over three years. I am so incredibly thankful and in love with my male Corgi pup that I picked from Diamonds In The Ruff Corgis most recent litter. He is one of the smartest three-month-old puppies ever, and I attribute that to Kim and her profound love of what she does in raising and breeding Corgis responsibly. My amazing corgi puppy already knows how to sit, stay, lay down, shake, roll over, and come when called at only three months! I cannot thank Kim enough for my baby, best adoption experience I have ever had. Will 100% adopt another from her in the future and recommend her to so many people that ask where I got my baby. Thank you so much, Kim.


We had been looking for Corgi puppies for about a year when we found our Winston. We wanted a specific color, so it was getting difficult to find someone that had exactly what we were looking for. We eventually found Kim at Diamonds in the Ruff Corgis through one of my husband's friends. I started texting right away, and was told they were going to be expecting pups in July. On 7-7-18, I got a text with a picture of the new babies. Kim kept in continual contact sending pictures & videos so that we could see their personalities & color. We had 1st pick so it took me while to narrow it down because they were all so adorable. Finally we picked our Winston! He looks like his dad and by reading his bio I'm pretty sure he acts like him too. Winston is a joy in my life that I didn’t even realize I would have. He makes me laugh every single day, sometimes he is a little frustrating because he is so ornery, but I love him!! I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Kim and we were able to pickhim up, so it was a great excuse to go to Arizona! The whole process was super easy, and the quality of the puppies are outstanding and healthy! Our vet clinic loves him and he gets spoiled every time he goes in for a checkup. Our vet said he is everything a Corgi should be, and if he had to show someone a model Corgi, it would be Winston. He has beautiful markings, build, weight, color, He is PERFECT!! Thank you Kim and Diamonds in the Ruff Corgis!!

 Redmond, Oregon

"If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all."